Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Saturday of Artists Just Being & G'bye-ing

I did rise early to do my ritual yoga, by myself, in the quietude of my room. It seems to carry an eerie echo knowing there was to be none of my peers to share it with. Around 9am friendly, familiar faces began arriving thru Damaris and my front door. Hurrah, we were all back together!

We wandered the kitchen, gazing at the ingredients in the refrigerator, considering breakfast - when - our marvelous Lena offered to make us all German Pancakes!!! Oh grief, "YES! Please" we all chime in! So we sit in big soft chair/sofa things and chatter, yelling questions and compliments to our graceful chef (here she is curtsying to our comments). One by one, the yummy light pancakes arrive on our plates and some become heavier with jam etc. and other possible condiment-al (is there really a word like that?) additions. We all pitch in to clean up and it feels like a warm family, reunited.

We all have left our art supplies all over the work table so we just pick up where we left of the day before. There are pages that need caught up, paintings that need assistance and additional objects that still need inserting. Lots to do - and we all nestle in to our work/play places and focus. Lovingly, laughingly we all meander from one another's work place to the other commenting, complimenting, suggesting - just enjoying the camaraderie and trust that has built up over the past five days. One of us comments, it's like an artists' community that one of us has dreamed of for a future somewhere. It's a wistful lil dream that floats into the air.

Somewhere in the day, someone of us comments they want to go look at ceramic ware mentioned by Baldo just a walk up the street - I chime in, "I'll come along" and soon, all, save for the immersed Dorian slide into walkin' shoes and head out.

The colorful storefront previews the variety of works offered to us. Some of us make purchases and befriend Diana, actually Baldo's sister, who is running the shop. She offers to show us her home just at the top of the hill, again, just up the street. And . . . we're off on another adventure.

As we follow Diana thru the streets, she explains how her father (or was it her grandfather?) had scooped up a good portion of the land when it was offered free for the taking. Apparently the Mexican government was anxious to form more villages and this one strung up - with lots of Diana's relatives owing or running many of the businesses. Her Uncle, who runs a construction supply business, has helped build this new home for Diana and her family. It's new, colorful, breezy and refreshing.

She tours us thru her cozy place, where fascinating elements of unique Mexican culture cascade every corner. In the kitchen area we see a gallon size plastic bag full of dried hibiscus flowers (used in teas), a beautifully carved squash and from one of the bedrooms she beams with pride when she pulls a beautifully painted portrait of her grandparents and shows it to us appreciative artists. The close knit Mexican family is evident everywhere. Not to mention the openness Diana has illustrated is bringing in four total strangers into her home. It truly opened my heart just witnessing it.
We do need to keep track of time as three of the ladies are flying out today on the late afternoon flight, leaving at 4:45pm. We have an appointment with Fidel who is picking everyone up and he arrives on time. As you can see from the photo, he's overjoyed at the extra beer we have left in the refrigerator and offer it to him - contingent upon him waiting to drink it 'til after he drops all three ladies at the airport. He laughs!!! Fidel proves to be a good sport, willing to take one last photo of us all before we disperse to our various homes. I still don't know if I'm sad or tired - and you can witness it on my face.
Later that evening, Bonnie and I got out for a light salad dinner and long walk along the beach. Bonnie is staying an additional week, traveling north to a smaller village to spend the week painting. We review the week, laugh and also tour thru Bonnie's online portfolio. It's a quiet closing to a full, delightful week.
This my be the final post on this blogsite - or not. There will be updates making mentions of upcoming retreats and classes. And - possible follow-up news on the travels and doings of the five fabulous women included here: Dorian, Damaris, Bonnie, Lena and myself, Elaine. Again, Amazing Universe, thank you for this opportunity to grow, trust and leap.
My suggestion . . . go ahead and take that leap!

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