Tuesday, May 12, 2009

April 14 ~ 2nd Full Retreat Day

Morning Yoga began my day with a couple of ladies to accompany me on the lovely sunrise rooftop. After our group breakfast effort, we nest into the large dining table to launch into our morning Mandala Exercise with Damaris. We focused on our own hands and energy with we felt in and or around them, positioning them on our black paper - and began.

Again, very intriguing how differently we all perceived and received our visions. Here is the diverse results in beautiful mandala format!

My presentation followed with a presentation around Right/Left Brain Hemispheres. We all took part in an exercise drawing a line drawing of a man - upside down - so as not to view the object with a "image in mind". You can see the result I got from the exercise in my previous entry on the full page layout, top, far right side of my journal page. It's such a freeing feeling working totally from our Right Brain Hemisphere - if - we can stay there! I also took time just before lunch break, to demonstrate a way I've invented to add Watercolor pages which you can insert right into the spiral binding. I'm always feeling like there's room for more pages in the watercolor journals I've purchased. This allows me to add 5-6 pages or pop in other shapes cut out of paper. Hurrah!

After our lunch we trekked off on an adventure to the main "Centro" of Manzanillo. On the local bus, it's about a 45 minute ride, passing alot of local color including a sophisticated Soccer Stadium and Manzanillo Port (one of the biggest on the west coast).

Arriving in Downtown "Centro" we walked past the square fountains and meander towards the large blue sailfish, for which fishermen know Manzanillo well! Passing thru some local vendor stalls we watch the work of this lovely native woman embroidering the wares she sells. We sampled a few refreshments and, of course, bought a few items to take home with us and wander back towards our bus stop.

About two thirds of the way back to Club Santiago, we hop of to cross the busy street and relax into a delicious (for me, probably the best we had the whole week!) at La Toscana Restaurant! We amble thru the main dining room onto the wide sunset lite patio, overlooking the beach. Our entertainment encompasses kids rolling in the sand, lovers strolling hand in hand, and joggers out for a before-dinner-run. Bonnie is near estacy watching the colors dance upon the waters - and - is only silenced by dinner arriving. Mine was a moist, delicate Sea Bass with a Mango/Ginger Sauce. "Ohh's" and "ahh's" echo over our meal. Pretty content, and with dessert "to go" in hand, we board the local bus, ready for our last leg of travel to get back to the condo. About half way along our route, a pair of young men board the bus, painted in marvelous mime faces, red clown noses and comical outfits. Probably a brother team, we venture, proceed to prod, tease, converse and entertain (including a pale blue balloon pony twisted out of a long balloon) the crowd. Unfortunately we couldn't understand a word, only their funny, playful gestures and smiles from the passengers. Many stops later, after passing a hat for their efforts, the wave adieu and bound off the bus. Only in Mexico, I think - what a joy!

We arrive over to Puesta Del Sol Condos to break out our desserts and nest in for our "talking stick" session with Bonnie sharing tonight. Weary from our outing today, the three of us not staying at Puesta Del Sol spill out into the lovey, near full moon night to weave thru the Menorca Condos. It's a cozy night feeling with the swimming pool lit up, people on the wifi connections under the large thatched patio and families giggled and converse over deck gatherings.

We turn in, grateful for a day showing us how a culture different than us Americans live. Glad to be alive.

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