Thursday, January 22, 2009

Air Fares at Record Lows + Pepper Steak

I'm so exited to let anyone know who may be hesitating on joining us on this playful, educational, and inspirational Retreat - NOW - is the time to book your Air Fares. My husband, with some disappointment in his voice (because I booked my Air Fare in June paying $600 round trip), that he'd found the same flight with the same airline (Horizon/Alaska Airlines) in our local newspaper for, (are you ready, sitting down?) $189 each way. That's total $378!!! With a savings of $222. This is West Coast flights but, I can bet you ALL your airfares are at record lows. A great time to hop onboard.

Just to tease you who have culinary leanings . . . there is quite a wide spectrum. One of the afternoon/evening trip we will be taking will take us to Manzanillo Centro, pictured here. You may laugh, but I have to tell you, "Stay Away from Chinese food there!". But moving to more local offerings, you will be presented with plenty of sites offering regular Mexican food. The "street chicken" (my name) just thrilled my fellow traveler, Mike, last April. As for me, I was savoring the brilliant paint job and the palette it suggested! By the way, the chicken was "quite good" Mike noted! As for my favorite place to eat, unchallanged it was "Restaurant Maya" . I won't apologize for it not being authentic local fare because it was such amazing quality and variety. Here you can see my husband's, prepared to perfection, "Pepper Steak".

, this is the place we will be visiting Thursday evening when we travel north to Barra and then, Malaque. I'm telling you - this trip and the food is NOT TO BE MISSED!

Hope you sign up if you are considering - a great winter getaway and a venture into getting to know yourself better while playing at it.

1/28/09 UPDATE: I was just contacted by Restaurant Maya concerning our dining reservations. It seems they are going to be opening a NEW additional restaurant farther north (hurrah for them!). They are uncertain of their leaving & closing date for Restaurant Maya. She will keep me posted - and so will I on this possible change of plans. We'd hope not to have to consider another wonderful restaurant to replace Restaurant Maya ... we'll go with the flow!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Deadline Approaching for Shared Condo

How exciting - 8 days and counting - 'til the registration deadline of February 30 (if you plan to lodge in our shared condo). If you intend to book your own lodging, we can talk about a later registration date. So do get in touch with me!

We have just a few openings left for our retreat. I'm encouraging you to hop in quickly as it will ensure you a stronger chance of getting the room you request AND (since I just spoke to Fredrico, of our tour to Barra on Thursday) just one more lady confirmed will give us a larger, more comfortable vehicle for our trip north.

Another location I'm planning for one of our day's plein air sketching (still to be confirmed) is this lovely hotel and their grounds just at the north end of our bay above the lagoon. It offers wonderful views over and into the bay and distant Manzanillo Centro yet, is withdrawn from the bustle and play on the beach below.

Rolling green hills with sculpted bushes and colorful flowers enhance the grounds. I spend plenty of time after dinner photographing the flowers and variegated leaves lining the pathways there.

And, oh yes, we will be having dinner there. The atmosphere is relaxed yet, clean. I especially loved the waiter who so willing took our photos and teased us about the fabulous dessert they offered. It was a special Mexican Flan made from the milk of little iguanas. I was near tears when he did the motion mimicking milking the teeny iguana! Anyway, here is the large restaurant, thatched roof and inviting open sides.

I can't wait to share it with you ladies!!! So if you are hesitating for any reason, this is going to be an adventure, an education as well as a self-discovery and group bonding experience. Come join us for the ride!